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This album is already solidified as one of the most well-thought-out and put-together projects of the year. Fans rave about its groundbreaking tracks and unique sound. Listen now to find out why everyone in the music industry is talking about this new release. Love what you hear? Like, comment and share.


The Greatest Story Ever Sold


The story of Greatness is a journey rooted in darkness and uncertainty. Pay Attention to the dialogue created by critics and shared by fans, because it sets the stage for His continued development and success. Check out the reviews and performance feedback received from some of the most well-renowned voices in music.

The story of DOOMSDAY is a tale rooted in darkness and made pure through a journey of self-realization. S.U.P.A always strives to create music that is unique and sounds great. Browse through the following selection of reviews covering everything from insights on His evolution musically, to the ratings of His latest work and recent performances. You are guaranteed to find a reason to PAY ATTENTION!


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